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South Africans in New Zealand.  Are you looking  at moving to New Zealand (NZ) from South Africa (SA) ?  Whether a permanent, temporary,  immigration, study or for work?  If your answer is yes to any of these, or maybe then you have found a great source of information.  The purpose of this networking and community forum | blog and associated website is to create a community within New Zealand that connects you with fellow South Africans living in New Zealand.

There are many reasons for wanting to live away from one’s home country and settling into a new country can be a daunting task.  Our focus is to help you connect with the right people , communities and professionals to help you settle into your new country as quickly as possible.

Please use this news | and community blog to ask questions and find out a little more about local business and business / social events. You are welcome to connect with our FACEBOOK Group.

We sincerely hope that via this SA in NZ forum that you are able to network, meet new people or catch-up with old friends.

On our social media pages you will help you find other immigrants or would be immigrants that believe in paying it forward. They’ve found out information about their newly adopted country or perhaps they have lived in New Zealand for many years and yes, they are happy to share their immigration experiences with you and answer questions.   One such immigrant is Auckland lawyer Ian Mellett  and his wife Cathy Mellett who has sponsored this site.


Main Website – A networking portal for connecting the South African Community in New Zealand at a personal and business level.


9 comments on “About this Blog

  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi.
    Im brand new to chch, and to nz. My sister lives in akl. Plss can you tell me if there are any south african clubs in christchurch. Could really do with meeting some people.

    Thank you

  3. Todays inaugural breakfast was such a great event – proud of the fact that so many came. The speaker, Dr Pieter Nel, gave good insight into moving forward and preparing oneself for the growth period NZ is now entering, great tips on selecting the right staff too.Look forward to future forums. Over time we will have a whole directory of ‘Go to’ people from the forum with brilliant networking and support for one another. Thanks Ian and Cathy grest forum – we look forward tofuture events.

  4. Hi, I’m a South African trained lawyer. I have had my overseas qualifications assessed and only need to complete The New Zealand law and professional examinations consisting of six parts,namely, Public law,law of contract, criminal law,property law, law of torts and Equity. However, I have two hurdles to cross, firslty, it is self-study and I’m looking for the study material for these subjects. Secondly,it costs $ 2500 (nz), I am unemployed and have been seeking employment without any success. Is there any SA expats who are in a similar or have been in a similar position that can advice me what to do as I have tried everything possible to find work just write this exam. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone of have past study matrial.

  5. hi there dose anyone know a really good South African lawer in New Zealand that is not really expencive?

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