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Who am I & how I help immigrants from South Africa?

MakeInsure…Family Life & Medical Insurance advice for South Africans immigrating to New Zealand. Who am I & how I help immigrants from South Africa?

My name is Scott Haak & I specialise in Personal & Business Insurance advice.
I have a passion for the Financial Services industry, mainly in the Risk Insurance space.

I started my career in this industry when I was fresh out of school and I was fortunate to obtain a role at Sovereign Insurance, New Zealand’s largest Life Insurance company, which initiated my 10 year career in this field.

After 10 years at Sovereign, primarily in the business development space where I worked with Insurance Adviser businesses, I decided to start my own Insurance Advice business, MakeInsure. I have always been passionate about helping people and in my role as a Registered Financial Adviser, I can help protect individuals, families & business’ in New Zealand.

Over the last 2 years, I have worked with many clients who have immigrated over from South Africa to New Zealand & I have helped them with where to start when it comes to Life & Medical insurance. In New Zealand, to qualify for Medical Insurance, a 2-year working visa is required in order to apply for cover. This allows us to start on working with you to come up with options that fit your needs.

At MakeInsure we work with all the main Insurance providers in New Zealand

• Sovereign Insurance
• Onepath
• Southern cross
• Partners life

This is to ensure we come up with the right options that are suited to what you are looking for.

For you as an immigrant from south Africa, here is my two step process on how I can help with deciding on the best insurance for you & your family

We follow an advice process that works in two stages:

First: Is to allow you to get to know me, who I am, what I do & how I can help. At this stage I will also gather information about your goals, what you are looking for as far as insurance goes as well as personal & financial information so I can go back & start putting my recommendations together.

Second: I present back to you with my findings based on our initial discussions & the options I have put together for you which will show the insurer(s), the product recommendations, pricing and other information that is relevant to your circumstances.

From here we make sure that your application for insurance is followed up promptly with the insurance company and ensure that we get you the best possible outcome. We also set reminders to review your insurance at least once a year and manage any claims you need to make. This was you never have to deal with insurance company yourself & we ensure that we take that hassle away from you.

I pride myself on working in your best interests & I am qualified in giving insurance advice (level 5 certificate in financial services). Speak to me today about how I may be able to help you, your family or business.

Here is a picture of me & my fiancée on a resent trip to Kruger national park in South Africa.



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