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south african performers visit new zealand for the first time Mango Groove and Claire JohnsonPRESS RELEASE


It is with huge regret that Mzungu Promotions and Mango Groove announce that Mango Groove’s 2014 tour of Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled. Unfortunately, and through last minute, thoroughly unanticipated developments that were beyond their control, Mzungu Promotions were unable to fulfil their logistical and other obligations for the completion of a successful tour.

Mzungu Promotions would like to reassure all ticket holders that they will be refunded in full. Mzungu Promotions would also like to apologize unconditionally for any inconvenience they may have caused to the thousands of Mango Groove fans who have already bought tickets for the shows.

In the words of John Leyden of Mango Groove: ‘’What can I say? We are gutted. We have been looking forward to this tour for many months now, and are heartbroken at the fact that we will not be performing to all those loyal fans who were looking forward to the shows. At the end of the day, however, certain vital conditions were not met by the promoter, and it became clear that the tour would not be able to proceed in a way that was in accordance with our normal professional and logistical requirements. There is no bad blood at all with Mzungu Promotions, and in fact our sympathies go out to them: at a key juncture their main funder pulled out (for reasons unrelated to the tour), and this left them severely compromised in relation to fulfilling all their obligations. On this basis it became unworkable for us to continue.’’

In the words of Claire Johnston: ‘’We are disappointed beyond words about this. I really hope this very regrettable development will not stand in the way of us visiting Australian and New Zealand shores again in the near future, and I truly hope that our fans will understand. This was a situation that was totally beyond our control and choice, but it doesn’t make it any less devastating for us.’’

All ticketholders will be contacted via email in due course.

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